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Buses Home is a turn-key, evergreen program for our clients.
— Bill Maulsby - CEO GO GROUND
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Campus-to-community service

Buses Home at key break periods

Managing the logistics of going home is part of the college experience. The challenge is that many schools and parents rely on personal transportation which creates campus congestion, and city-to-city transport which isn’t convenient and we’ve all heard cringe-worthy stories.

Travel to and from campus not only doesn’t have to be a hassle - it should be a revenue-generating competitive advantage.

GO GROUND works with colleges and universities and their admissions departments to organize and manage campus-to-community group transportation programs during breaks, events, and other transport.

This isn’t your typical city-to-city service where students have to make their way to stations and stops off campus and end up in the city closest to their home. We analyze your student population and help provide the convenience of express service to the communities you recruit from. Parents have the peace of mind that their student is riding with a group of their peers AND they’ll arrive close to home.

Buses Home earns high marks from parents and students for convenience and onboard community. When ground transportation is organized by the institution, parents and students know that they can count on a safe, affordable, and convenient transport home.