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Event Logistics

GO GROUND provides our clients and bus operator partners with a suite of tools to manage and customize the ground transportation experience.

Web Support & Customization

We provide customized web support to communicate ground transport details, manage booking, purchase event parking, and much more. All of our digital experiences are responsive and made to look and feel like the event’s own website.


Online Booking

Our online booking capabilities create a seamless experience for event planners, bus operators, and participants. Our custom tools allow for purchase, trip confirmations, and flexible pick-up locations.

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Traveler Support

GO GROUND also provides information and traveler support via web, social media, and phone to make sure that your team arrives together.


Booking confirmation serves as our receipt. GO GROUND’s Bus Better Network drivers are easily able to track their riders and confirmations to make sure each load is right. We also work closely with Athletic Departments to ensure that event ticketing (Tickets & Rides) is arranged with Will Call.

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GO Team

The NCAA trusts us to help them manage ground transportation for “March Madness”, one of the most high profile championships in the country. It’s fast paced, high volume, and changes happen in an instant. GO GROUND’S GO Team develops plans for a smooth ride and is right there at the scene when bumps (such as weather events) happen to minimize interruption and make sure the rest of the ride is on a smooth road.

Mobile App - Where’s My Bus?

Our mobile apps complement the ground transportation experience for riders. They can use our app to book a seat, track their bus, change their stop, and even find their car. We’ve thought of everything so our clients don’t have to.