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It’s being able to react that counts.

Situations will occur and the unexpected will happen, so you better be ready. We focus on delivering the best Championship Experience to everyone we serve.

GO GROUND is among the elite group ground transportation specialists in North America. As experts in trip and event logistics and charter bus services, we serve trip and event organizers at colleges and universities and make the charter bus experience better for them, their guests and other stakeholders.

As the creator of the most advanced ground transportation program for post-season championships and playoffs, we understand high profile and high pressure. In fact, GO GROUND handles more high-profile team travel and fan transportation than any company ever.

Although we are best known in collegiate athletics, our specialized service is embraced by leaders across campus where we develop programs for students and parents, donors and alumni and other campus stakeholders.

We also serve some of the most high-profile events in North America. A sample of this elite group is the Papal Visit to the United States, Presidential Inauguration, Special Olympics and BIG 10 Championships. We have even served New Zealand’s treasured All Blacks Rugby Team. Our expertise has shaped the transport plans for teams and special events of all sizes, and we have executed transport logistics across every major highway, market and venue in the US.

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A suite of four group transportation options for Athletics and Student Life.

  • Team Services – Team travel when away from campus. Campus to Campus or FLY-IN service.

  • Buses Home – Express Student Transportation at key break periods to home towns.

  • Rivalry Road – Fan Transportation to local and away athletics & live events.

  • Campus Road Trip – Student & Alumni Transportation to and from campus.

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How We Do It

Our programs are totally turn-key. GO GROUND creates the solution, handles the marketing & promotion and execution & control. We start by collaborating with trip and event organizers and their stakeholders and then develop programs that address specific needs. For marketing, we use multiple modes of digital media and existing private networks, such as university web sites and social media. All programs include easy access via custom websites and on-line booking dedicated specifically to the occasion and event. To support this one-of-a-kind marketing tool, GO GROUND has made significant investment in specialized technology that is integrated with bus companies to support operations and enable a better customer experience.

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Buses Across Campus

Buses Across Campus involves a long-term partnership with LEAD1 Association, incorporating charter bus services into programs designed to support key stakeholders in Athletics and Student Affairs. For Athletics, programs include Team Travel for away trips and Rivalry Road™, a platform to sell more tickets and engage more fans. For Student Affairs, Buses Home™ provides Campus to Community service at key break periods and Road Trip™ is charter bus service for students, alumni and donors. Athletics and Student Affairs are provided with financial incentives for adopting these programs.)

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We’ve Got Your Back… Empowered by GO GROUND.

GO GROUND only works with bus operators who can consistently demonstrate a commitment to a culture of safety management and then meet rigid criteria. GO GROUND and the NCAA initiated STATS Certified (Secure Transportation for Athletes Teams and Students) to validate Duty of Care compliance for collegiate athletics. The program’s rigid protocol, carried out by independent bus industry safety experts, identifies and uses scientifically collected and verified data to certify an operator’s compliance.

Empowered by GO GROUND signals quality and consistency. Whether for a team, alumni, fans or students the core element of our programs is the road trip, which is supported by exacting standards and technology to enable our great people to deliver a better experience for every user group.

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GO GROUND’S Bus Operator Network

Creating a better total experience for trip and event organizers and their guests is our mission. Managing ground transport logistics across multiple regional operators for most events is a challenge for organizers. Although we are considered charter bus experts, we don’t drive buses. Rather, we drive the logistics and data that reveals insights, which lead to a better service experience. We partner with charter bus operators who are as committed to our balanced approach of safety-service-savings as we are.

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GO Team

Our people are group ground transportation experts and “good people”. Everything starts with the culture of GO GROUND.

We live and work by three simple principles: be respectful, flexible and transparent.

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