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How We Started

We started GO GROUND with a simple vision: Make the charter bus experience better.

We don’t own a single bus, but we are charter bus experts and pioneered the strategic use of regional charter bus fleets to make the experience better. What we do is “drive” data to reveal insights on how to best use charter bus services (#1 means for group transportation) to deliver solutions that surprise and delight the trip and event organizers we serve.

There are 3,000+ charter bus companies in North America and none of them have a national presence. We do. We create and manage our innovative transport solutions in partnership with the industry’s largest network of the finest charter bus operators in every market in all 50 states and Canada.

In fact, GO GROUND created the ground transportation program for the NCAA Championships. Nine years later, it’s going strong and we have taken our Empowered by GO GROUND personal service to a new level in collegiate athletics and now offer it campus wide.

Our culture is built upon collaboration and simple core principles of being respectful, reliable, flexible, and transparent.

Can you believe it? We wake up every morning thinking about charter buses😊 We’re behind the scenes sweating the details, so you don’t have to.

Please let us know how can assist your organization?

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Bill Maulsby CEO, GO GROUND