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NCAA Championship Ground Transportation

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We do the “impossible.” When you talk with the NCAA they will tell you GO GROUND, “Just doesn’t say NO”. They will also tell you that we always go above and beyond to make sure a team’s championship experience is the best it can be. We deal with the improbable and do the impossible. Every Championship brings new challenges and stories of teams “stepping up” — that includes GO GROUND. 


For example: when a snow storm stranded the Notre Dame and Nebraska Women’s Volleyball teams at PIT in early December and flights were cancelled, the teams were looking at two days before they could get flights out. So we went to work and within a couple of hours secured charter bus service to get the teams on the road home. 

During March Madness, Des Moines hosted a 1st/2nd Round with eight teams flying in on charters. At the last minute, the airport could not handle all the volume of charters in such a tight window of arrival. Since the availability of aircraft was not flexible to reschedule, GO GROUND stepped in to resolve the situation. We diverted buses to Waterloo in the northern part of Iowa to meet the planes that were being diverted, so teams and the traveling party could get ready for their “championship moment”. 

These are but a couple stories of hundreds we can provide. Every week during Championships, we step in and handle last-minute changes and in-route conflicts. That is what we expect of ourselves. We also appreciate the support of our operator partners, so we celebrate their special deeds with “Pizza Awards” in which we send scores of Chicago deep dish pizzas to operators as a “thank you” for caring and “getting it done”. We will always go the extra mile to build stronger relations with our suppliers and encourage them to “step up their game”, too



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