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Stakeholder Value

Transportation around, to and away from campus is an ongoing consideration for virtually all university stakeholders. If it’s considered “great” ...that is what’s expected, but if it’s less than ideal, it’s on the school. The responsibility for the service and the implicit Duty-of-Care for students rests with the university.

Would your university’s transportation program stand-up to the test of relevance and best in class for 2019? What if an innovative group transportation program were available to provide real and improved value to key stakeholder groups and create a strategic advantage for the university? And it was totally turn-key and made the university steady income?

The Campus-To-Community Advantage

GO GROUND is pleased to present Road Trip™ - a comprehensive campus-to-community group transportation program that solves real problems shared by stakeholders and provides GO GROUND schools with sustainable strategic advantages and a new source of unencumbered funds. It’s an opportunity to deliver new value to stakeholders without extra work or cost to the institution.

City to City service is a mainstay for larger bus companies in the US who refer to these programs as “line hauls”. Since these traditional capital-intensive bus operators, like Greyhound and Mega Bus, have high fixed costs they are motivated to “keep the wheels turning” and therefore engage routes and schedules which can earn consistent revenue. They are simply not very flexible. GO GROUND works with charter bus companies to provide flexibility and convenience to transport students and fans from campus to their local communities. Road Trip can deliver better customized “express” service to home towns based on your admissions. And, because we are charter bus experts, we know logistics and have created the specialized technology and processes to deliver superior service at scale.

While it’s a service in demand by the university community it is seldom easy to access and arrange. Our suite of ground transportation services is tailored to solve clearly defined problems: Sell more tickets & develop new fans, get home & get off campus, deliver time & peace of mind for parents, support my school, support my team.

Our Buses Home, Ticket & Rides, and Rivalry Road services support athletics and student life stakeholders with convenient, reliable, and cost effective ground transportation solutions.