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STATS Certified

Why STATS Certified?

There is an observable and measurable move by major event organizers and the entire body of NCAA member institutions to require more careful vetting of charter bus providers. That specifically requires assurances that their Duty of Care is covered and safety is the highest priority. As a STATS Certified carrier, you will have access to these markets managed by GO GROUND. We calculate that the new, lower cost for STATS certification that we have negotiated on your behalf will represent, on average, less than 1/10th of 1% of your total gross revenue for the two-year period. Our clients and yours believe that is a small price to pay for their safety. We know from practice that operators in our network with TSX/STATS Certification get back more than five times the cost in incremental income.

How Does It Work?

The basis of STATS certification is a Safety Management Review (SMR) every two years and monthly monitoring by by an industry leading independent, safety experts. GO GROUND has kept the standard high and cost low so more operators could participate—having more operators STATS Certified benefits the entire industry. That is especially true now that the DoD safety certification has been discontinued and all that remains is minimal oversight by the FMCSA.

What Does It Cost?

Under an exclusive, contractual relationship with Consolidated Safety Services (CSS), GO GROUND reduced the cost for STATS Certified to $4,500 for two-years of certification (flat-rate, per operator, one location). Using industry metrics, that represents less than one tenth of one percent of an operator’s revenue during the certification period. We believe that is a small price to pay to access the fast-growing markets of customers who now place safety and Duty of Care above mere convenience.




Any operator wishing to be part of the GO GROUND Bus Operator Network, must have a FMCSA Compliance review within the past 2 years, no exception. 



If you are new to the ground transportation space or have not had a FMCSA Compliance Review in over 2 years, and want to carry teams during the NCAA Post Season or for other GO GROUND service, a STATS Certification is the best solution, and will always qualify you for first access to more business.



Through a relationship with an independent 3rd party Safety Expert, GO GROUND will receive a monthly scorecard with updates to your B.A.S.I.C and STATS Certified scores. These results will be published via quarterly GGBON newsletters.